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What is the CLASS COST - and Program Schedule?

Dental Assistant Professionals are In Demand

How to Start a Rewarding Career as a Dental Assistant It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you hear about the economy, rising costs, rising foreclosures and unemployment. Many industries experience hard times depending on the economic climate. There are however, certain industries that continue to thrive even in challenging economic times. Dentistry and health care are two of these industries.  There has never been a better time to get training in a career in demand like Dental Assisting. Click for more info about Financial Aid! Qualified Dental Assistants are in…

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Dental Assistant Training for a Bright Future!

Dear Future Dental Assistant, Being a Dental Assistant is a fulfilling and exciting career in a nice, professional environment. And you’ll have good work hours too. Most dental offices are open for business Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. The best part is, you’ll have a fulfilling job that truly helps others. Take advantage of dental assistant training for a job you can feel proud of! As a Dental Assistant, your work may vary. You’ll deliver patient care such as helping the dentist with various dental procedures, prepping patients, obtaining dental…

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