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What is the CLASS COST - and Program Schedule?

Dental Assistant Training – About the Team

dental assistant training team

Cindy M. Cortese, Director and CEO

As a seasoned business professional, Cindy serves as CEO/Managing Director for the Seattle School. Ms. Cortese has over 40 years’ experience as a business owner, Artist/Illustrator, logistics coordinator for large scale events, and served as Managing Director for a Massachusetts based biotech company. Ms. Cortese specializes in concept development and marketing execution. She has successfully executed multimillion dollar license and royalty contracts with some of the largest corporations in her prior industry. Having taught anatomy and physiology labs to help pay her way through college, Ms. Cortese’s dream of returning her ambitions towards helping students have come full circle.

dental assistant instructor jennifer

Jennifer Lopez, RDA, Instructor

Prior to joining Elite Dental Assisting Seattle, Jennifer Lopez has worked with general dentists, pediatrics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgeons. She has trained new dental assistant hires and has grown to love the teaching side of dental assisting.Jennifer is committed to continuing her dental assisting certifications in all areas, and will soon be a CDA (Certified Dental Assistant). Jennifer has an enormous positive attitude and is patient when it comes to educating new students. Jennifer’s number one goal in life is to give back to others and watch their success! We are honored to have Jennifer as one of our team members.

instructor stephanie

Stephanie Johnson, Instructor, RDA & CDA

Stephanie Johnson serves as our Executive School Supervisor and Curriculum Specialist. Stephanie is an extraordinary instructor, curriculum author, manager and supervisor! She graduated from the Vocational Skills Center in 1999 as a certified Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA). Since that time, she has achieved the highest licenses and certifications for a dental assistant and also holds a Certified Teaching Certificate. Stephanie has worked in many general and specialty offices throughout her career in the Vancouver/Portland metropolitan areas. Her love for the profession and joy in being on the dental assistant training team is manifested through her stellar teaching techniques and ability to connect with students.

instructor Marissa

Marissa Guillory, RDA (WA), CDA, Dental Assistant Instructor

Marissa earned her dental assistant certifications while living in California and then continued her career after moving to Washington state. Marissa is highly skilled in all aspects of dental assisting procedures and has received her national (CDA) certified dental assistant certification. Marissa is multi-talented in many art mediums which lends to the ability it takes when it comes to the creative and artistic side of being a dental assistant. “It’s all about the hands-on learning”, says Marissa, and she’s right! Marissa’s attention to detail together with her ability to teach creatively is the perfect combination for being an outstanding instructor. She is an integral member of our Elite family.

instructor dorthy

Dorothy Reilly, Executive Administrator

Dorothy joins Elite Dental Assisting Seattle as a front office executive with multiple roles. Dorothy is the organizer and filer as well as the friendly voice on the phone and the first person the students meet. Dorothy has years of experience in management and supervisory positions in the medical field. Having worked with patients and customers in various medical situations, Dorothy has the ability to resolve issues and handle anything that comes her way in a calm, mild manner. Dorothy has a compassionate and optimistic outlook towards motivating people, especially new students who are nervous, scared, and excited to begin this new career. Dorothy is pragmatic and forthright in her roles with students and is exceptionally proficient in her ability to multitask. It is an honor and a pleasure having Dorothy as part of the Elite dental assistant training team!

dental assistant school kent

Dr. Kent Nuttal, DMD

Dr. Nuttal will serve as President of the school and has created and implemented the school’s vision, mission, and overall direction of the business. With 25 plus years of dental experience that include the most advanced knowledge and certifications in cosmetic dentistry, general and preventive dentistry, sedation dentistry, and dental technology, Dr. Nuttal will be advantageous to our school in multiple avenues. At the young age of 19 while living in Brazil, Dr. Nuttal’s desire to become a dentist was solidified while observing a father extract his young child’s abscessed tooth on the couch at their home. Fast forward 25 years, Dr. Nuttal has never regrated the choice to become a dentist. “We accept people/students for who they are because it is part of the process of helping them feel better about themselves and their new career outlook. As our student’s self-esteem is raised, they make better decisions for themselves, and their success becomes our success!”

instructor pamela

Pamela Nuttall, Vice President

Pamela brings to Elite Dental Assisting a record of exceptional management and teaching skills. For the past twelve years Pamela as been the Office Manager for her husband’s dental practice. Pamela’s people skills are more than her college degrees. She is innately born with a special kindness and passion for helping and teaching all age groups. Pamela is a highly experienced multitasker! Having seven children, she manages to accomplish what most of us only dream of. Together with her current responsibilities, Pamela is also a ski instructor and is a competitive weightlifting and powerlifting enthusiast.