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What is the CLASS COST - and Program Schedule?

Dental Assistant Training for a Bright Future!

dental assistant training

Dear Future Dental Assistant,

Being a Dental Assistant is a fulfilling and exciting career in a nice, professional environment. And you’ll have good work hours too. Most dental offices are open for business Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. The best part is, you’ll have a fulfilling job that truly helps others. Take advantage of dental assistant training for a job you can feel proud of!

As a Dental Assistant, your work may vary. You’ll deliver patient care such as helping the dentist with various dental procedures, prepping patients, obtaining dental records, processing x-rays, scheduling and confirming appointments, receiving patients and more.

We’ll train you so you are ready for a new Job in Dental Assisting in just 13 weeks.
You’ll gain Skills & Expertise beyond what typical programs offer.

To become a Dental Assistant, you have to get the right training. And that’s exactly what we can provide you. Many years went into the development of our Dental Assisting curriculum. We looked at all of the other available programs, took what worked best, removed the filler and improved on the finished product.  We can assure our students that they will be fully trained and ready for their future employer in the dental industry.

Our students come from all over the Washington and northwest area.  One of our student’s, Kyla A., said. “My experience was beyond wonderful. Started full-time at a great salary the week after graduation! Looked forward to class each day!”  Graduates are finding good jobs that are leading to successful careers.

One of the benefits of our school is that students will learn all the information in a classroom setting, and will get hours of hands-on training in a local dental office.  Many of the students at the Elite Dental Assisting Seattle are young and just getting started with a career in the health-care industry. Others are re-entering the workplace later in life or wish for a career change and are finding great opportunities. Classes start multiple times every year and a new session is starting soon.  Classes include elements in the classroom laboratory and hands-on in a practice.

In today’s economy, people of all ages are looking for career options. Programs like this Dental Assisting School are a viable growth option. Other programs offer mostly lecture-based training with limited hands-on time, which leaves graduates unprepared for the job market. But with our accelerated program you’ll get hands-on training in absolutely all aspects of Dental Assisting. This kind of experience will put you ahead of your peers.

In other programs, instructors are limited in the amount of attention they can give to a large class of students but with our program you’ll get personal attention because our classes are limited to a manageable size. This means you’ll graduate with the confidence, the skills and the “know-how” to excel in your new career.

I am a strong believer in the Elite Dental Assisting curriculum and effectiveness.  Take advantage of this opportunity and reserve a spot in our next Dental Assisting class… Email or call (206) 231-0123 today!

Cindy M. Cortese, Director

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