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What is the CLASS COST - and Program Schedule?

Dental Assisting School Scholarships

dental assisting school

Want to start an excellent new Dental Assistant Job in a growing field? Click Here for Financial Aid Info to help start your career! Go Kaela! She is one of our Elite Dental Assisting students who recently won a very prestigious Scholarship to recoup the cost of her training! We are so proud of you, Kaela! Keep up the incredible work, and never lose that gorgeous smile! Her dental assisting school Scholarship was from Pacific Dental Services Foundation and presented by Dr. Carolyn Ghazal.

dental assistant scholarship

Perhaps you really wanting to join a dental assisting school but not sure how the schooling will fit into your already busy schedule? We understand and can help fit this great opportunity into your schedule! We find that the majority of students who take our course are hands-on learners, and that is exactly what they get. Of course we have lectures and text book assignments, but it’s the hands-on that truly stick in people’s mind! Hands-on is how we put our book smarts to the test! At least two-thirds of your times is spent actually DOING, not just reading. Our instructors are there giving you their expertise and making sure you are executing each goal like the pro we train you to be!

dental assisting school scholarships

The course is in an actual dental facility that is solely dedicated to the school using state-of-the art equipment. We offer day classes and night classes. Courses include a recommended dental assistant externship with a practicing local dentist so that you have the experience needed to get hired.

The Elite Dental Assisting dental assisting programs are direct and straight to the point, no messing around! We couldn’t be happier with our current group of students, they are all exceptional! They are attentive and loving every minute of the hands-on. Some aren’t so fond of the tests, but they all hang tough and study hard! Get started on a great new job as a dental assistant today – Emailcontact us, or call (360) 433-0788!