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What is the CLASS COST - and Program Schedule?


Dental Assisting School Scholarships

Want to start an excellent new Dental Assistant Job in a growing field? Click Here for Financial Aid Info to help start your career! Go Kaela! She is one of our Elite Dental Assisting students who recently won a very prestigious Scholarship to recoup the cost of her training! We are so proud of you, Kaela! Keep up the incredible work, and never lose that gorgeous smile! Her dental assisting school Scholarship was from Pacific Dental Services Foundation and presented by Dr. Carolyn Ghazal. Perhaps you really wanting to join…

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Dental Assisting Programs for a New Career

What do we expect of our students at Elite Dental Assisting Academy? First and foremost, A Positive Attitude! We believe that you find what you are looking for in life, and for those looking for a change and are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill that change, those are the ones who succeed in our dental assisting programs. Click Here for Financial Aid Info to help start your new career! Our students go through our course and come out the other side prepared and ready for their new…

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Dental Assistant Job After Graduation?

Can I get a job after I graduate from your course? We are always a bit surprised that we get asked this question time and time again! The quick answer to this question is YES! Our dental assistant programs will help you get there. Click Here for Financial Aid Info. However, while we assist with getting your new job - we will not find the job for you. How successful have our students been at getting a job? VERY! We push our students very hard into getting out there and…

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Dental Assistant School with Financial Aid Available

Both long and short term Dental Assistant school have their pros and cons depending upon your particular circumstance. Our 13-week dental assistant program will fly by quicker than you can say, “Open wide”! Click Here to Apply for Financial Aid. Thirteen weeks comes and goes quickly - no matter what you are doing. Short intense courses like ours are generally about one-quarter of the tuition cost and are completed in one-third to half of the time. Short term courses work well for highly motivated individuals looking to get into the…

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Dental Assisting Career – Ready for a Change?

Dear Future Dental Assisting Student, What is your obstacle? Is it real? Many students will come up against situations they think will keep them from becoming a student at the Elite Dental Assisting Seattle School. You name it, we have heard it. But our students will find it easier than they thought to begin and complete their education. Click For Financial Aid Eligibility! I strongly believe that the Elite Dental Assisting Academy curriculum and it’s effectiveness can help you make an exciting career change. Are you ready? Are you ready for…

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Dental Assistant Professionals are In Demand

How to Start a Rewarding Career as a Dental Assistant It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you hear about the economy, rising costs, rising foreclosures and unemployment. Many industries experience hard times depending on the economic climate. There are however, certain industries that continue to thrive even in challenging economic times. Dentistry and health care are two of these industries.  There has never been a better time to get training in a career in demand like Dental Assisting. Click for more info about Financial Aid! Qualified Dental Assistants are in…

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Dental Assistant Training for a Bright Future!

Dear Future Dental Assistant, Being a Dental Assistant is a fulfilling and exciting career in a nice, professional environment. And you’ll have good work hours too. Most dental offices are open for business Monday through Friday, 8 hours a day. The best part is, you’ll have a fulfilling job that truly helps others. Take advantage of dental assistant training for a job you can feel proud of! As a Dental Assistant, your work may vary. You’ll deliver patient care such as helping the dentist with various dental procedures, prepping patients, obtaining dental…

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I hated my Dead-end Job!

Earn a great salary in this growing career with quick qualification in our Dental Assisting Classes. It’s a career that allows you to work anywhere in the United States. Plus the demand for Dental Assistants is growing by leaps and bounds. Our Dental Assisting Students Get Jobs BEFORE Graduation! There are many more reasons why it makes sense to think about becoming a Dental Assistant. Click for more about Financial Aid and the School! According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics there is a shortage of qualified dental assistants.…

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